Digital Content and Resources

Check out some of the following recommended websites:


  • TumbleBooks! - A collection of online books, games, puzzles, quizzes, activities and more!  One of my favorites!  (Needs BCPS password)  Learn more about TumbleBooks! here.

american the beautiful

  • America the Beautiful - Learn about our beautiful country one state at a time!  (Needs BCPS password)  Learn more about American the Beautiful here.

culture grams

  • Culture Grams - Learn about countries all over the world.  Contains amazing photographs of people and places.  Be sure to check out the pronunciation and listen the national anthem of almost every country!  (Needs BCPS password)  Learn more about Culture Grams here.

nbc learn

  • NBC Learn - Watch footage from decades of NBC news coverage.  (Needs BCPS password)  Learn more about NBC Learn here.


  • TumbleBook Cloud - A collection of eBooks and read-along chapter books, non-fiction books, graphic novels, educational videos, and audio books!   (Needs BCPS password)  Learn more about TumbleBook Cloud here.


  • World Book Kids - Research web site developed especially for young students. It features simple navigation, easy-to-read articles, thousands of illustrations, videos, comparison tools, and a wealth of engaging games and activities. (Needs BCPS password)  Learn more about World Book Kids here.

wb student

  • World Book Student - Research web site for intermediate students.  Includes entries from print version of World Book Encyclopedia as well as thousands of online articles. (Needs BCPS password)  Learn more about World Book Student here.


  • Destiny - Kingsville Elementary catalog.  Both print and electronic eBooks will show up on this site.